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Friday, 21 January 2011

I need fooooood!!!

I rarely eat 3 meals a day. And if I do, those 3 meals aren't where or what they are supposed to be. For example, I had Tuna and pasta for breakfast - at 6pm. And it is now 4:21am and I am waiting for Dominos to be delivered. I also eat badly. Pizza, Burger King, KFC. You name it and I will most likely eat it on a weekly or biweekly basis. How I'm not 30 stone I don't know!! I think the healthiest thing I eat is tuna and pasta. And that is literally what I eat. A can of tuna on some plain pasta. Oh, with a bit of salad cream too. I love jacket potatoes too, especially with prawns. Hmmmmm.

On a completely unrelated topic:
Ive just realised that Will Smith's daughter is called Willow Smith. What will people call her for short? That's right, Will. He gave his daughter the same name as him. That's just weird...

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