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Friday, 21 January 2011

There's something magical about fire...

So, Ben decided he wanted to re-arrange our bookshelves the other night. He had 3 shelves of uni work, but as he has left uni, he decided to throw it all out (BTW, if anyone wants some folders, hit me up, I have a stack of about 20 currently residing under my coffee table) While he was in this, rather unusual and lovely tidying phase, he came across a folder full of bank statements, phone bills and other "sensitive" things. So we put it aside to shred it. Now, our shredder isn't the worst - but by god its not the best either. You can usually get about 10 minutes of shredding power out of it before it over heats. 20 if you're insanely lucky. Once the shredder overheats, it takes 3 hours, yes I said hours, to cool down to the point where it will once again turn on. If you were halfway through shredding a piece of paper when it overheats, that bitch is staying jammed! So yeah, as you can imagine I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of spending hours, possibly days, trying to shred some old bank statements from 2006. Then Ben discovered 3 years worth of weekly pay slips that also needed to be shredded.
Fuck that. I needed some help!
And in comes my beloved barbecue/fire pit. I spent about 2 hours sitting cross legged on my balcony (which we thankfully put decking on) with my box of lighters in one hand and a bottle of lighter fluid in the other. Those pieces of paper didn't stand a chance! Lol.

To be honest, I wasn't as silly with it as I normally can be. I only used the lighter fluid when the paper wouldn't light on its own and if the flames got too big, I put more paper on it to calm it down (don't ask how it worked - but it did). I love staring into the flames. I felt very calm and relaxed afterwards. I also contemplated joining the fire service, but I thought my answer of "Because I like setting fire to stuff and would like to know how to put it out" to their "Why do you want to join the FB?" question wasn't really going to work. Lol. But yeah, I just thought I would let you know what I have done with my evening whilst my beloved was at work :D

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