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Friday, 21 January 2011

Well, it almost worked…

Bens PS3 died months ago and the shop we would have had it fixed in, decided to close down. Sooooo, we just kind of left it. That was until Ben decided he could fix it himself. So I spent £10 on some materials that he needed (thermal paste, thermal paste cleaner, that kind of thing) and he decided that he would watch some YouTube videos to become knowledgeable on the task at hand (remind me later to tell you about Ben and his YouTube talent). He must have watched this video 4 times before he felt ready enough to begin taking his beloved PS3 apart. He spent an hour and a bit taking it apart. Had an hour break to get some food. Then another 6 HOURS to completely finish it. And you know what? The YLOD had gone!!! Woop woop!!! We were able to get his friends skateboarding DVD out, that had been stuck in there since October. Managed to update the time and a few more things. Then we turned it off so we could get an external hard drive to back it up. Went to turn it back on again and *beep beep beep*. YLOD is back with a vengeance. It had worked for all of 20 minutes. Ben is now re-doing all his hard work (granted he is much quicker now as he knows what he is doing. I also don't have to listen to the annoying YouTube instructional video he had going.) I'm praying it works. I miss the PS3! I didn't realise I would miss it that much as I didn't think I played it too often, but I want Move! I want the new Ratchet and Clank. And the new edition of Heavy Rain. And Gran Tuurismo. And Need For Speed!! I want my blu-ray player back!!! But we shall have to see.

Stay tuned folks, this could get interesting….

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