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Monday, 9 May 2011

Havent been on here is aaaaaaages!!

Cant even say Ive been too busy. Cos I haven’t. 
I got a new phone, a BlackBerry. Was really happy with it to begin with as it is in a really good condition. However, on further inspection, and play we have discovered that it cannot be connected to the internet. This means, no emails (the primary function for which I bought the damn thing) and no BBM, which I was reallylooking forward to playing with.
I had my implant out too. Coincidentally the same day I got my BB. Wasn’t as bad as I was thinking. Only bit I really felt was the needle for the local. She then just sliced my arm open with a scalpel and pulled it out. It was slightly bent from where I kept playing with it. It bled a lot. Was dripping down my arm. She turned round to get the stitches and when she looked back it had bled so much it had dripped onto the floor! She was like “Woah, its not supposed to bleed that much! Especially as it was so easy to take out!” But then I tend to bleed a lot so I wasn’t worried. Lol. She put 3 or 4 stitches in and a plaster then put a pressure bandage on. I have to keep the plaster on for 5 days and the bandage on for 3. I have also recently remembered though, that I’m allergic to plaster glue. And now my arm is itchy as hell!! The bandage is also doing my nut in!!
Im insanely broody right now. Not only have I had my implant out (Ben is now with holding sex), but my friend has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl! And they’ve chosen the most amazing name: Colbie Faith! How cute and original is that!! If Ben and I have a baby, I want a girl. Mainly because I love the name we have picked out: Sophia Kathleen Thomas. I think The name Sophia is so pretty and it means “Wisdom” apparently! And Kathleen was my late Nan’s name. I’m not so sure on the boys name Ben has picked out; Raiden Alan Thomas. Poor kid. Raiden is from the game Metal Gear Solid. I lovethe character, but not sure how a kid will fair going through life with it. Alan is Ben’s granddads name. Apparently its tradition. 
Anywho, I have crap to do

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