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Monday, 9 May 2011

My Day...

Hmm, what can I say about my day? It’s been up and down. I was supposed to have a cheque clear today and with that money i was going to pay for the blackberry pearl I won a few days ago. I was also going to give ben some money so he could go to his managers leaving do tomorrow night. But instead, Sky decided to take their bill 12 days late and that swallowed all the money from the cheque. Mood goes down. I asked my mum if I can borrow the money to pay for my phone so that I don’t piss the guy off and get any neg feedback. She says yes and gave me her card details, with which I was able to pay for the phone. Mood goes up. Ben then decides to get out of bed. Mood goes down again. Hard. I then start REALLY craving mint magnums. But alas, we have no money thanks to sky (double points go to Ben for pointing that out to me). Mood sinks lower still. I got my remastered version of “RedVsBlue - The Blood Gulch Chronicles” byRooster Teeth. Mood goes up. Aidan (my brother) and Ben go into town to sell some DVDs so I decide to curl up on the couch and watch Angel. Mood picks up a bit. Ben rings asking if I want a magnum. Mood picks up more. They have no mint ones. Only White and almond (who the fuck would want an almond flavoured ice cream?! Bleugh!!) Mood sinks. When they eventually get home, Aidan decides to go out skating leaving me and Ben alone. I ask for hugs, and eventually get them. Hugs then lead to other things, which leads to me and Ben in bed again. Mood picks up a lot. We end up just lying in bed cuddling while listening to the drunk tank podcast. Feeling very happy and satisfied now, but still that something is wrong. Ben tries again to pick my mood up and I end up so worn out I slept for a few hours. I woke up to the phone ringing and Ben talking to the guys from EDF about our electric bill. Now, I rang up on Friday and paid as much of the bill as I could and I set up a direct debit to come out. However, this guy was saying I HADN’T paid anything. I HADN’T spoken to anyone and that I HADN’T set up a DB. He also tried to say that we needed to pay £200 a MONTH to clear our bill! Now I’m just plain angry!! I ended up telling him to shut up and listen. I explained that I set up a DB on Friday (even gave him the woman’s name) and that we had agreed to pay £100 a month and even that was stretching it. I then hung up on him after he said ok.
That was pretty much it. Still in a kinda pissed off/depressed mood. This new half dose of Prozac is going to be fun. Not.

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