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Friday, 21 January 2011

Kinda bored...

I haven't done that much today to be honest. I'm on my second load of washing. Ben has done half the washing up and is now trying to fix his PS3. I've tidied up a tad and made 3 more wedding invites. Other then that, Ive sat on my ass playing a new game on my iPod. Its called Bubble Ball. Apparently some 14 year old kid designed this game, which is free, and it now has more downloads than Angry Birds! And its just as freakin' addictive and annoying!!

I was supposed to have rung the doctors today to make an appointment about my insomnia. Its getting ridiculous now. I seem to, somehow, be functioning on 3 hours sleep each night. I'm trying really hard not to nap during the day and to get up at a reasonable time,  but nothing seems to work. It also doesn't help when Ben falls asleep at the drop of a hat and then starts snoring. Which, incidentally, has started to sound a lot like Dart Vader! But yeah. That just pisses me off.

I'm hoping to hang out with some friends later. Hopefully my friend is feeling better now :) But I need to go now, these invites wont deliver themselves!

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