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Thursday, 20 January 2011

MORE wedding things

Sorry, the wedding is pretty much the only thing on my mind at the moment. That and my friend, but I shall talk about that in a bit.

I had a friend around mine the other day to help make some of the wedding things. DEFINITELY asked the right friend for help! Everything looks amazing! We spent about 5 hours making things and having dinner before she had to go. She managed to finish the fabric pom I was working on. That's these things if you haven't got a clue: Fabric Poms. I was dreading showing my bridesmaids what I had made, and was terrified of asking them to actually carry them down the aisle. But Chris saved me from having to force my DIY monstrosity onto my unsuspecting bridesmaids. Lol. Here's a picture of the semi finished article. I'm hoping to buy some pink glitter hairspray to give them a bit of a pink shimmer as they are a bit too monotone for my liking.

She also helped me make some buttonholes which are 100x better then I thought they would be considering the materials I had! You don't imagine anything worthwhile coming from some lolly pop sticks, some recycled flowers, some pink flowers and some ribbon. BUT Chris managed to turn these lame materials into this:
Nearly finished. Just needs a bow.

The finished article & what it will look like in a jacket!!
I cant wait! I think I'm actually getting excited now!! I cant wait to see how everything looks when its all brought together! Ben looks gorgeous in his suit. But then I think he looks gorgeous in everything... OK, most things. I do like him in a suit though :P
More things are starting to come together now too. My mum (who is yet to find a dress she deems suitable) has bought a pink candle that I am going to decorate in memory of my Nan. I have some more pink and white flowers that I am going to stick onto it with R.I.P and I'm going to melt the top of it so that I can put an LED tea light candle in, so it looks like the candle is burning, but isn't, meaning I will be able to keep it.  She's also bought some pink ribbon for the car, some ribbon for the bridesmaids dresses and is looking at flowers for me.

Anyways, gonna go now.


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