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Sunday, 9 May 2010

"Owwwww, I hit myself in the face..."

Ben and I have just spent the past hour or so watching things that we had recorded on Sky+. I love sitting next to him all cuddled up on our rather old and uncomfortable futon sofa thing. When our TV program had finished we sat there and talked and joked. I started to tickle him (even though he hates it) as I love the way he laughs and smiles when I do. Its a smile that I very rarely get unless I tickle him. But yeah, we were on the sofa and I was tickling him when all of a sudden he went "Owwwwww, I just hit myself in the face. It's all your fault" I cried with laughter. I love the way he does that though. He can come out with something that is completely random and, to anyone else, boring comments that I find absolutely hilarious!! I love the way he always makes me feel better when I'm down. He cuddles me and kisses my forehead. I adore him :) I love the way he's so dorky too. And the way he randomly tells me sciency things.

Just thought I'd share this little "Ben gem" with you.


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