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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Still feeling like shit

Sooo, I was signed off work last Friday for a week because I've been getting really bad headaches and migraines and I was kind of hoping that by now I would be feeling better. But I don't. The headaches have kind of calmed down but I now have a sore throat and a cough. Feeling so lethargic its unreal. I have so much crap to do and I just haven't got the energy at the moment. Ben's being pretty good. Although I would prefer it if he helped around the house more - without me asking him several times for his help and him then sighing and stropping with me. But hey.

On another point, I am soooooo pissed at my new flatmate. If you hadn't guessed, he is a tattoo artist and is currently tattooing several people a day out of my spare room. Which really annoys me. Not sure why it does so much, but it does. I guess that as he screwed my tattoo and my friends tattoo up I'm worried that he's going to fuck up someone else's and they will then go to the council who could fine us. But yeah, he spent all day tattooing some chick yesterday and he spilt some black ink on my brand new cream carpet. However, instead of trying to clear it up he looked at it and ignored it. It was only this morning, when I was rudely awoken at 6am by the sound of him re-arranging my kitchen, that I saw it and then proceeded to spend an hour on my hands and knees (with a migraine) scrubbing my carpet to TRY (and I really do mean try) and get rid of it. I've managed to get most of it up but you can still see a black spot on my nice carpet. 
And another thing, does he not know how to use the washing up liquid?? I am getting kind of miffed with doing his washing up as well as my own. Also, if he keeps using my cutlery and not washing it up I am gonna get soooo annoyed. I came into the kitchen this morning to find a sink full of my glasses, plates and cutlery even though I'd spent 20 mins washing all mine and my boyfriends things up before I went to bed. Grrrr. I said to Ben that I refused to wash B.D's (my flatmate) shit up. However I couldn't sit here with it all piled up on the side!! But I am going to try and ignore it from now on. 

Sorry for the wide range of colours. Figured I would try and add a bot of flare to my entries XD

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