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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Thought I'd give this whole blogging thing ago...

Sooooo, I've never done this before but thought I would give it ago as I've heard it can be quite therapeutic.
Guess I should probably introduce myself. I'm Kayleigh and I'm 22. I currently live in Bristol with my gorgeous boyfriend Ben.

I have to be honest, the only reason I got a blog was so that I can moan about things as I only have 140 characters on Twitter. Haha.

Currently watching Wizards Of Waverly Place on Sky. I've seen all them before but I find them quite funny and I'm waiting until my boyfriend, Ben, finishes work at 3am. Kinda missing him. I've been signed off work for a week because I keep getting migraines. The doctor gave me these awesome tablets that make me feel kinda floaty. Kind of worried though. I quite like the floaty feeling and find myself counting down to when I can take more of them. Lol.

We've recently had a guy move into our flat. Annoyingly, he's called Ben. Gets quite difficult when they are both in the same room. But anyways, I've decided that I don't like him. He blatantly lied to me before he moved in. He told me he was clean and tidy. He said he tattooed out of a shop in Cardiff 6 days a week and was at uni for 2 days a week. He said he had all his own things and wouldn't need to use any of ours.
However, he uses all our plates and bowls and then I have to wash them up as he just dumps them on the side. He leaves rubbish on my living room floor, even though I've just spent 2 days cleaning and tidying it all.
He illegally tattoos out of my spare room.
He is ALWAYS at home, sitting on his arse on our sofa.
He puts all his rubbish NEXT to the bin or on top of the bin rather then getting a new bag out and simply putting it in the bin.
We had the caretaker of our flat building banging on our door telling us to move the bike that he's left in the hallway. However, he just told him to fuck off. He keeps slamming the doors and leaving the light on. My boyfriend keeps telling me to stop complaining as it was my idea to let Ben move in. However, I only said yes to him as a favour for his now ex-girlfriend who is a friend of mine. They broke up a few weeks ago and he bought home some other chick today. He leaves in 4 months and then one of Ben's (my boyfriend) uni friends will be moving in. She's awesome! I cant wait for that. But yeah, he makes me feel really uncomfortable. I had quite a rough childhood. But I shall leave that story for another blog entry XD

I should probably go now. I doubt anyone will be reading any of these but I thought I'd write them anyway.

Bye for now!!

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